Sunday, July 6, 2008

book slave!

so tell me.. when did ya actually started reading..!!

if you ask me.. i was never a book lover as a kid.. like others.. i used to wonder how can anyone even think of reading 400-500 pages.. for that they have to be a out of their mind.. even now i don't think any different.. its just that i have accepted that i am out of my mind.. lol!!
i started with books like Treasure Island, Invisible Man.. but couldn'nt finish them.. they were quite intresting..yes.. its just that i was too lazy!!
so here was an year which i had to spend with my granny.. not that she was fussy or kind.. but still i got nothing intresting to do, you see.. there i finished my first book.. 20,000 league under the sea..!!
i must say i couldn't have a better start..
but still that wasn't the one which hook me to books.. next year i befriended a girl who was just crazy about books.. nancy drew's mainy.. you know how its like when your friends do somthing cool,you are like.. lemme try.. so here i was reading nancy drew.. told ya mystery is something i can't resist.. n they were good.. seriously!!
but yet not enough to keep me intrested.. as it happens she was through with all nancy drew's available in the library so she jumped to next author.. n so did i!!
how was i to know whoz good n whoz not.. i was new.., right!!
so here he was.. with all his mysteries n chills..
n he seriously got me hooked.. n since then i am slave to books!!

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