Tuesday, September 22, 2009


She was sitting there, as always, bit confused, bit frustrated and very impatient. She had always carved for serenity for herself but couldn't resist the whims of the panting power she posses. As always, night sings to her, not the sweet melodies but the sad symphonies of hurt, pain and war. She looks out in the night searching for the reflection of who she wants to be. All that is there for her is darkness, counter questions to the already prevailing questions of hers. If it were one of those days, they would have told her that she talks a lot and she would have smiled and replied that it just seems so. Today she has stop asking questions because those who could have answered scares her and she refuses to go those who could have provided her with faith, because she take it insult to her pride to ask for pity. Entangled in her own illusions, what she knows what pity is.

The song of the night is long lost to her. She is still in conflict with herself that whether the next day will see her fighting back or just her living again in shadows. Every day she stops by this river, asking same questions to herself. One day she had brought him here with her and told him about her qualms for the next day. That day he had asked her why she is so lost. Then she had answered because she likes it this way. But today... she is sure no more.

The security of being unaware doesn't lure her any more. Now she realizes that she had been her too long for her own good. She had crossed this river many a times before but this time she wants to leave for ever. Where would she go? As always she doesn't know. But this time there is something she actually knows.

This time... she'll reach some where!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marley 'n' Me

"Is he there?"
"Ofcourse he is there. He is always there"
"How does he knows that we are coming?"
"I don't know. He just... knows. Dogs jus always know something like that"
"All dogs?"
"All good dogs."
"Look there he is, there he is, Marley!"

How many people can make you feel rare, pure and special?