Sunday, September 19, 2010


What is it that makes people great or special? It is just that they DO things. Yes, it is that simple. If i wanna be a painter, i should rather be just paint. One day my passion will gain the greatness it is called for. Nothing goes un-noticed, just nothing. Specially not if you are really trying to do something.
Most of the times we just sit back, relax and let things happen to us, instead of DOING them ourselves. How difficult is it to really stand and do what you really want to. At times I would just crib and say, Oh, I am all alone. I got no friends or anyone to talk to. Nobody cares about me. but the Moment I step out of my room and starting talking and sharing with people, things changes automatically. Is it some kind of magic? Obviously not, it is just that instead of praying it to happen, I am getting it done. N trust me, it is super easy, as it is something which is you have to do, so can actually start any time of the day and any what way you like.
It is not that you have to do something extraordinary to be ordinary, It is just that you have to do things you want to do. Life is so stupidly simple. You won't believe how correct the simple statement is which says " BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE".

I love movies, I am crazy about them. You won't believe a simple movie bring amazing number of thoughts in my mind. That is the experience of the movie. When you have already watched a movie, what thoughts it brings to your mind. How it makes you feel. That is the real experience. We watch movie and forget about it. Why don't start living the movies.
Thats what I am planning to do. As soon as I finish a movie, I am going to write about it.