Monday, January 2, 2012

That feeling when you poop

I am not sure if anyone has ever written about it before, but one thing which I am pretty sure about is that many would have wanted to do so. The sensation when you poop is the purest form of ecstasy. Just to bring to your knowledge that I am not completely acquainted with the literal meaning of ecstasy as I belong to the endangered species of 23 year old virgins. This might give you an idea, why exactly I started with this topic in the first place but I would cordially like to clarify that, you have a really dirty mind.

So just to emotions to my work of art, yes I brought my laptop in the bathroom and I am writing this article while I am on the pot. Trust me, though how gross or weird you might find this whole idea of anyone writing about their experience of pooping but this is something even you must have experienced while attending your daily nature call that this moment is creatively the most liberating moment of the day. You come with the brightest of ideas, most creative of thoughts. At times you get solution to the most stubborn problems or like in my case, your mind works as the most eloquent thesaurus for the simplistic words. I am sure, most of the police cases, mathematical solutions and similar intellectual adventures must have taken place while the brightest minds of our age were reaching this pseudo nirvana. The most amazing part is that you get to experience it more than twice a day.

If you examine closely the set up of this particular activity, you’ll find that it is a masterpiece in itself. Bathrooms are my favorite place in the world. This is one place where the boundaries of time and place cease to exist. There are no reasons to which you are bound to, no past to be guilty of, and no future that you are responsible for. This is the black hole between the parallel universes where all the sciences of existence defy itself and what remains is the substance of you which is as real as it’ll ever be.

I pity those who are refrained from this undoubtedly divine experience, not only because of the physical repercussions but also because of they are unaware of a paragon of pulchritude. These people are like handicapped in its literal sense because they aren’t even differently able in this case.
And those who can, guys, there is only one thing I want to tell you, YOU ARE DAMN LUCKY. Relish every damn second of this scared exercise because you do not know which mystery this bite of apple, from the tree of knowledge, might reveal.
Worth of a poop is more than a poop!